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Posted on 05-13-2016

Kathryn Homen and Cleocatra, Amity

Dr. Prince Was Born to Be a Vet

Cleo had a really rough patch right after I adopted her. I thought she had a mild kitty cold, but then it got worse. I took her to Companion Pet Clinic. They took a blood sample and found out it was an unusual type of bacteria. When they put her on a regimen she cleared right up.

When she was 11 Cleo had fatty liver disease. The vet said we may not be able to turn this around, and I was just bawling. I didn’t want to put her to sleep, so they taught me how to give subcutaneous fluids and supplemental feeding.

That’s when she had a big turn around.

Cleo is now 15, and she’s doing fine. She’s slowed down some, but she is eating well, can still jump up on my lap. She’s always been a really good snuggly kitty.

I think Dr. Prince was born to be a vet.

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